For most of my life, I have been a hardcore gamer.  My definition of being a hardcore gamer is a person who spends time strategizing, building, enjoying gaming.  The typical gaming choice for me is strategic wargames.  I used to love Age of Empires (all the versions), GoW, and similarContinue Reading

Tomorrow morning I will start a new weight loss trial.  Attempting to get my physical stuff back to where it was before I had kids, got sick, and gained weight that has made me miserable. My doctor has put me on phentermine 15 mgs once a day starting tomorrow am. Continue Reading

Tonight a friend that I have known for a few years and was my old neighbor messaged me.  He said hey whatcha doing?  Would you like some company?  I was so excited at the thought I temporarily forgot that I don’t really like hanging out with him because he hasContinue Reading

My Facebook post today: Way too much emotion in 1 day! 😊😂😭😡🤬🤪😲 LOL My son had pre-k graduation and it was emotional.  How did my kids grow up so fast?  It was a blink of an eye and they are about to be 5, 5, 7, 20, and 22!  IContinue Reading

This morning started out with one simple plan which was to get my glasses fixed or a new pair.  I didn’t really care but I have no money available so whichever I could get done with the smallest amount of funds needed would be my plan of action.  I calledContinue Reading

Tonight I went to put my glasses on and they fell right apart in my hands.  The search will be on in the morning for a place to either get them fixed or get new ones.  I cannot see anything without them and walking is almost impossible. Fingers crossed andContinue Reading

Oh boy some of this has been a lot harder so I am thinking I should edit some of the challenges to allow me more success and room for moving up. So, I will be updating this challenge within the next day to start over more reasonable goal to startContinue Reading

This challenge is by far going to be the most difficult.  It already is showing difficult in my discussions.  My friends are always cracking sex jokes and I banter along with them all.  I found myself getting into a few of these discussions.  Other than that I am doing wellContinue Reading

Today, 6/12/18, has been a pretty productive walking and physically active day!  I met my daughter at the park for picnic day with her school.  We did a lot of walking, playing catch, blowing bubbles, and being active! I am around 1800 steps today between everything and some of thoseContinue Reading

30,000 steps in a week. Monitored by my watch and possibly more steps after this amount is accomplished. This will keep me physically active and feeling better inside myself. My calculations show me that to accomplish this for a week I would need to walk about 2,100 steps a day. Continue Reading

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1000 words – Giving myself ONLY 1000 words for the week. This would include any texts, any online facebook posts, any chatting on the phone, any talking in person… anything other than this blog that would be communicating with another person. It would require me to keep track of allContinue Reading

100 days with no sex at all. No sex, no sexual activity, no blow jobs, no receiving, no physical sexual contact with another person for a full 100 days! No exceptions. As a person who was sexually abused as a child I think my view of sex was different fromContinue Reading

I started thinking about what things I would like to do. What might help everyone in my life including myself. Some of these I will complete relatively quick like #4 on my list. Others are longer challenges that will take some time, effort, and monitoring. I will be successful. SoContinue Reading