A little bit about me part 1…

I wanted to just start with the basics, I guess, of who I am, where I am, and why I might be doing this. Talking about my life, writing about my life, and sharing it with the public. I’m Christina. Nice to meet you. And I was born and primarily lived in Rochester, New York, and the suburbs of Rochester, New York, which is considered upstate.

00:33 I was born in the seventies, which makes me special. I was around during a time when music was real and original, and while I also got to experience alternative coming to and music turning into a digitally made and created, eh, whatever it is, kind of fluff.

01:04 I was born to Michael and Natalie in the seventies, and the story kind of goes. My father, Michael, was in a car accident. He was riding a motorcycle, got hit by a drunk driver, and ended up in the hospital for, I don’t remember the exact number, but I know it was six to eight months recovering. He actually had died on the table.

01:39 He had several pins and needed multiple surgeries in the past 40-some-odd years to help keep him mobile. When he finally got out of the hospital at some point, couple of weeks, he was walking around downtown in Rochester, went to a deli around the corner, and met my mom, Natalie, who was at the time working the counter.

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