To “those people”

I know people who actually emotionally hurt me just by how they obsess over things on Facebook. I know that is a strange thing to say but how they react to things on Facebook causes me distress!

For example, I know this guy who is in his late 40s, he has a son, lives at home with his mom, makes great money, has a beautiful car, and the list continues… He is one of the only people I know who on a whim flew off to Hawaii! With all of that he is a miserable bastard! All he ever talks about is how awful his life is! My reply was: Facebook is like selling your house. You stage a house to give it the most impressive look in order to sell it to anyone who will look. Facebook is just staging your life to sell an impression of your life that you want to give anyone who will look! NONE of that is what a person’s actual life is. Not one person has a perfect life. Life is full of ups, downs, middles, and so much more. You need to not worry about what everyone else is showing you or doing and worry about finding YOUR joy! Find YOUR BLISS! Am I perfect at doing this? Not at all but I very rarely find myself concerned with what another person is doing or comparing my life to someone else and being envious of them! I am envious of myself today in comparison to yesterday! Is my life perfect? Oh, not remotely! I regularly am battling with kids about bedtime, clean rooms, hair cleanliness, teeth brushing, and more but every day I love my life more! I love myself more!

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