Running around today and Christmas is this weekend. I stopped and turned the car off. 10 minutes later went to start the car and it acted a little funny. Then it began to smoke, smell awful and made an explosive sound. I turned it off and made a call. My best friend Anthony and he made some suggestions and had me look at things. The belt was snapped and the car wouldn’t drive because the power steering was gone. The serpentine belt is done.

I called my friend and she picked us up. Then the tow truck picked up the car and took it to a shop for possible repair.

We shall see. I am hurting emotionally. I just want to cry and go to bed but with all my kids relying on me for parenting, I am pushing myself to have a fun night with the kids.

Did I mention: school for tomorrow has been canceled because they think there will be a big snowstorm? UGH

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