Many friends on Facebook have been talking about this ice cream so I thought I should try it and discuss my thoughts. I have tried many different types of ice cream, including regularly making ice cream at home. This was interesting. There are many flavors and the price point wasContinue Reading

I am already prepared for the moment you leave me…Already hardening my heart and foresee you leaving me in the future to go back to her. In that vision I have you leave me and return to her only to realize my love is, was, and would always leave youContinue Reading

Several years ago I invested in my first 3d printer. I bought the xyz da vinci junior 1 and had an amazing time with it. It was small, contained, and worked well. It was a blast to create different small items and give them as gifts or using them myself.Continue Reading

After 2 weeks and 3 days of crazy tech support, lots of phone calls, and misery because switching to the new cell phone service provider (Spectrum) is finally over because I fixed everything.  I went into the developer settings and changed them allowing me to change how the phone wouldContinue Reading

I keep waiting for you to show up.Waiting for you to show your love for me.Hoping that how I show up for you will be how you show up for me.Promises that you will call and then no calls received.Promises that you will show up and spend time with meContinue Reading

Today after over 4 hours of debating on the phone with Jenna we are discussing starting a YouTube channel for our debates. This is really exciting!  I hope that we actually at least try it a few times.  It could be fun, exciting, interesting…  money making! Yeeeehaw!Continue Reading

What good is being in a relationship with someone when I end up alone every night? I feel like I am still seeing Joe!  Always something better to do than to spend time with me.  Always more important things going on.  More priorities that are on the list while IContinue Reading

My brains compartmentalization and how it is represented in drawing format. This is on a small scale.  Some are completely empty waiting to be filled with situations I do not want to ever look at, think about, or see.  Others are already filled and teetering on the top or bottomContinue Reading

It was a nice day.  We went to Red Robin with Leo and his family.  Jordan got injured when she slipped because the floors were extremely slippery and she bonked her chin on the table.  Tonight Leo called to talk before he went to bed and after saying “There isContinue Reading

Today I left him alone knowing that he had 3 lacrosse games for Elyjah in Canandaigua and then when I heard from him it was very short sounding so I replied in kind.  He was very upset and when I dropped by around 9:30pm to give him the Father’s DayContinue Reading