Challenge #5 – 30,000 steps a week record

Today, 6/12/18, has been a pretty productive walking and physically active day!  I met my daughter at the park for picnic day with her school.  We did a lot of walking, playing catch, blowing bubbles, and being active!

I am around 1800 steps today between everything and some of those are stairs.  I got this 2100 steps a day and more!  Too easy I think!  Yeeeehaw baby!

6/13/18 – Today I did great!  The goal of 2100 steps a day to equal my total is possibly too easy but I won’t decide that yet!  Today I did about 3000 steps walking around downtown.  WOOHOO

6/14/18 – It is only 4pm and I have already hit 1700 steps for the day!  I got this today again!  It has been a long day but I am sure I will get the rest of my steps in if not more.

6/15/18 – I exceeded my target yesterday and tonight I have also been sucessful at reaching and surpassing my target for the day!  I am rocking this challenge!  I will definately have to evaluate adding more steps per week to this challenge.  I knew I could do it!

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