Today felt like everything was going wrong. I am actually ready to cry myself to sleep tonight!

I guess we should start with the email I received from Spectrum. (Note: When I called them to have services moved they told me it would be over a month before they could get a person to this house! They also gave me a $688 trade-in offer on my Note 20 Ultra that I replaced last month which I had to ship back to them during the move. I needed the money! I couldn’t afford to buy a new phone without the trade-in.)

The email said my trade-in offer had changed and I needed to accept or decline it. I click on the website, which had a Spectrum header and Spectrum-connected URL, and it said I was going to be getting $83! WHAT?!?!? Yeah no I was not going to accept $83 instead of $688! I declined the offer and then received a phone number to call and I pressed it auto-dialing the number leading to the Spectrum main phone hub message. I got a representative who explained many people have this problem but it is all just a misunderstanding. If they would have offered even $1 I would have received the full $600! WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN AND WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT?!? I am feeling pretty angry and screwed over by this situation. I didn’t want the phone back but I couldn’t accept $83 either.

I spent hours on the phone with representatives being put on hold, transferred around, and then told nothing can be done. It happens often but nothing can be done to fix it or my specific situation!

(I have screenshots and everything so I told them I was going to file a complaint with the AGs office in NY)

Then we move on to the attempt to get the kids into school. I tried late this past Friday to fill out the online application and then got stuck. It wanted birth certificates, which I haven’t unpacked yet, and some TN verified medical records/immunization records. Today I call the school district for help and ask some questions. She says she cannot even start the registration process without the birth certificates and TN verified records. How do I get those? She says I have to take the immunization records to the Health Department for TN and they will give me a TN version. (Shoulder shrug… what does any of this mean… No idea but it is really a run around!)

I am struggling with depression.

Leon is working overtime every day and worked Saturday. I am feeling pretty alone with 3 kids who are constantly bickering because they are emotionally struggling as well!

At least they all had therapy this morning and that seems to help them!

ALSO… multiple agencies that were involved with our lives in NY for support services for the kids up and ditched them without any transfer support or anything. I received the paperwork here faster than understandable. NY is a total piece of shit!


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