Today I went to the OBGYN first thing after I got the kids on the school bus.  I have been having some female issues including swelling of my full female area, a few bumps, internal pain, breast pain…  I had started taking an over the counter yeast infection medication whichContinue Reading

Today was AMAZING!  The day started out slow and we were running late but once we arrived in Alexandria Bay, NY the day got awesome.  Nino, Renata (his wife), Andrew, Samantha, Leo, Jordan, Hannah, Johnny, and I were all there together! Leo paid for the boat ride for all ofContinue Reading

Tonight Leo and I were talking on the phone for a while and he said:  Is it bad that right now I really wish you were in my bed with me so we could have sex.  I replied with:  Well, do you want me to come over for a quickie?Continue Reading

We all went to dinner at Banuccis in Greece.  Leo, his brothers, Jeremy’s wife and daughter, Jess’s family (including her parents and siblings, Leo’s Mom, Matthew’s best friend Kelly, me and the kids.  Jess and Jeremy gave me a flower. Leo’s mom gave me a card and a nice bodyContinue Reading

Last night while at the movies with Leo I became very sad when the movie became very romantic.  It has me curious about myself as a gal in the dating world.  Is it possible that because of events in my past I might be unrealistically trapped in teenage date land? Continue Reading

Yesterday was a beautiful day with the weather around 80 degrees and sunny.  Leo came over last night and helped me with the gas for the grill.  He ran out and exchanged it for me and it was $21 but he said not to worry about it.  Then him andContinue Reading

Tonight when Leo finally called me back I asked him if he wanted to go to the movies at 9 pm to see the new Seth Rogan Comedy – Long Shot. He ordered the tickets and so I guess we are meeting there and going to see a movie togetherContinue Reading

Leo came over this Friday night and ended up staying over. Saturday was long but alright.  We all went around the corner to Steve’s for breakfast.  Leo had a difficult time at breakfast after the covered his food with gravy and he didn’t like it that way.  He got allContinue Reading

It is hard, frustrating, aggravating, disappointing, and hurtful that Leo is always saying: I will call you in a bit I will text you later about it I will talk to you later tonight It is really unclear how he feels about me at times… I do see that heContinue Reading

Well, last night he did his typical bullshit lack of communication… No text, call, or any type of contact after he left work.  I am not supposed to feel ditched, bad, neglected, or angry about this type of shit!!!  Seriously?!? I am glad that I am owning my feelings aboutContinue Reading

Tonight I am going to pick up Leo…  he has to drop his car off at the shop to have some work done.  I picked Leo up at 6:30 pm at Zeibarts in Henrietta and then we proceeded to the Garlic Pit in Webster for dinner.  He ordered the chickenContinue Reading