Ontario Play & Cafe in Rochester, NY reviewed:

Ontario Play & Cafe is an out of the way enormous space! We recently had a birthday party here and I was impressed with the staff as well as the setup of stations for play. OP&C boasts it’s high quality, fun, educational play area that is peanut free and great for children with different disabilities.

When you pull up to the warehouse type building you cannot imagine there is anything of interest inside but as you enter the second set of doors it is clear something interesting is beyond the entrance walls. The colors are inviting and sounds are soothing with a medium sized fountain near the entrance. The prices are more than reasonable for the amount of play time you get as well as the type of play areas available.

There is ample seating allowing parents to actually sit and converse while children play in safe areas. At the far end if one of my favorite play areas: The water table area. They provide smocks to help keep children dry and a water table that is full of interesting exploratives for the builders, splashers, creative thinkers, and more…

The pizza was pretty tasty for a healthy food place and pricing was reasonable on all drinks and food.

On to the party manager: She was excellent. There were several parties going at the same time and she was managing them all. She was attentive to each party, helpful, great with the kids, answered all questions (even the small silly questions), and all around great at her job.

I fell in love with this place! Even my adult children enjoyed playing here yesterday!

I would definitely recommend this place for all children with or without any disabilities.

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