Today was still a pretty emotional day and very draining. I found the birth certificates but have also spent the day fighting with the school district in Fairport NY. Tomorrow I will finally make progress I hope with the school district here! I am going to go get these records verified. We will see how that goes.

I also filed papers about the Spectrum thing with the NYS AG’s office! We will see where that goes. I am hopeful it will help others but maybe not.

In the meantime…

I looked at Leon tonight and said: Why am I here?

He said a lot of things and while I am not sappy or overly romantic what he said sounded something like this: I have been on adventures but never with someone. I have gone places with people but wasn’t actually experiencing things with those people. They weren’t you!

I am not sure how to respond to that but I do know that I haven’t ever felt how that made me feel before. I have also never been told that before!

Then he said are you really unhappy here? If you want to move we will but we are NOT going back to NY!

I love him but we really have some big hurdles still to overcome.

Thank you Leon for reminding my heart we are together! I sometimes feel so disconnected from everything!

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