Just when I thought things would be a bit better today they aren’t!

Please please oh please…

Been getting screamed at almost nonstop since 7 am yesterday!
Had things thrown at me, been threatened, the fan smashed, and other bad things.

I don’t talk a lot about my ex-husband but I feel like I am still in that horrible relationship! Our daughter can be so much like him at times. I have tried all I know, therapy for everyone and myself. Structure, routine, healthy communication, just everything consistently.

She acts exactly how he acted in our marriage… Threatening me, screaming at me, throwing things at me, needling at me…
Screaming at my other kids, threatening them, physically trying to hurt them!

This is the worst. I am actually hiding in my bedroom right now! I had to turn the phones off because she just keeps blowing up my phone!

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