is the irrational fear of confined spaces.

Claustrophobia is often caused by a traumatic event experienced during early childhood. For example, adults may develop claustrophobia if, as a child, they: were trapped or kept in a confined space. were bullied or abused.

Claustrophobia is one of the most common phobias. If you experience claustrophobia, you may feel like you’re having a panic attack, although claustrophobia isn’t a panic condition. For some people, claustrophobia may disappear on its own. Others may need therapy to manage and cope with their symptoms.

Claustrophobia is a type of specific phobia. Specific phobias include the following symptoms: An intense fear or anxiety about a specific object or situation – in this case, small or enclosed spaces. People with claustrophobia typically experience an intense fear of suffocation or restriction, and desire to escape.

My car died last night and although things are different in 2022 I cannot help but be panicking here in my house. While claustrophobia is defined above as an irrational fear, I know in my heart and head, my fear and panic this morning is absolutely ridiculous it is taking over! I am extremely overwhelmed with the terror of being stuck at home because I cannot hop in my car and drive myself around.

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