Today I went on a field trip with Jordan’s class to Mendon Ponds Park.  It was a very nice morning and I enjoyed learning about all of the animals.   Leo and I spoke on the phone for almost 3 hours straight without interruption this afternoon.  We discussed a tonContinue Reading

Yesterday morning after going to the cemetery I decided to take the plunge and go speak with my father.  He didn’t seem to like the conversation all that well but I walked out of his office feeling very accomplished!  He did ask me if we could have a relationship.  IContinue Reading

Last night Leo showed up and surprised me! We went to CVS to grab a photo surprise that I had ordered for him. It was a beautiful collage of him and Elyjah for him to put in a frame for his nightstand. He seemed like he liked it. Then heContinue Reading

Tonight the kids and I went to meet Leo and his family at Red Robin in Webster.  Jordan was having some behavioral issues and I gave her warning after warning.  Finally, I told her there were no more warnings and if she kept up with her behavior I would beContinue Reading

Today started out strange because time-hop reminded me that today would have been my 10 year wedding anniversary!  WOW, that was crazy that I didn’t even remember and it was also the day for the first visitation in over 2 years.  They have not heard from him in over 2Continue Reading

Last week (the week leading up to Easter Sunday):  He was too tired to come over every single night of the week.  He went home every night and went to bed early every single night.  Sunday night:  I asked him to come over and spend time with me.  He calledContinue Reading

I slept most of the day feeling pretty exhausted and not quite like myself.  When I finally started to wake up and get moving my hands were completely swollen feeling and hard to use for anything.  My head had a large-sized numb area…  top, rear, and a bit to theContinue Reading

What is keeping me up all night long right now? What is the traditional path of dating?  I guess I just can’t stop wondering how Leo really feels about me?  Does he really love me or how does he really feel?  How do we change the path we are onContinue Reading

When I awoke this morning I could very clearly remember my dream that turned into a nightmare!   Leo and I were together and he surprised me with a wedding proposal!  I was overjoyed and beyond in love with him and excited to say yes! Then all of a suddenContinue Reading

Some entries are half-written thoughts. Not because I do not want to finish writing a specific entry but because I think of a secondary topic that I want to get down on paper immediately.  For example this entry… When the movie Cheaper by the Dozen starts I always get aContinue Reading

Yesterday we went up to Niagara Falls, Canada.  Leo, Elyjah (his 9-year-old son), Jordan (my 7-year-old daughter), Hannah & John (my 5-year-old twins), and me.  We traveled separately and the 3 kids and I arrived about an hour ahead of the guys.  When Leo and his son arrived they metContinue Reading

I decided to start an online journal to track my thoughts, growth, emotional changes, situational habits, stressors, and different things that are going on with the kids that might be causing me to have a hard time.   I have found that since the kids started discussing the possibility ofContinue Reading

Today my cousin Nino is getting married to this amazing and beautiful lady he met just about a year ago. She is hysterical and they are awesome together. I cannot wait to attend and photograph all of the moments that they will keep forever. Leo is taking the boys toContinue Reading