Lots accomplished today

This morning started out with one simple plan which was to get my glasses fixed or a new pair.  I didn’t really care but I have no money available so whichever I could get done with the smallest amount of funds needed would be my plan of action.  I called the closest optomotrist which is Eyesite in Penfield, NY.

When I got on the phone with them they explained that if the glasses could be repaired it would most likely be free of charge.  If parts needed to be ordered to fix the glasses it would be charges to me in order to fix the glasses.  I asked if I needed an appointment and the nice lady said no you do not just stop on in.  About an hour later I decided to go in and have them look at my glasses.

I had a very difficult time getting into the parking lot because nothing is labeled correctly allowing me to easily understand how to find where you park to access the building.  Once inside it is an amazing place with an edgy techy feel to it.  Clean, open, bright with sun light, and fresh.  I loved it.  There is also a great round staircase leading to a second floor where they do all the lense work.  The building is amazing!

They almost immediately got me to a table where I was told because of the area the glasses were broken it was not able to be repair.  Then I asked some questions about getting new glasses and more.  Next thing I knew they had arranged to have me examined almost immediately.  Then I picked out glasses with the help of the doctor herself!  She was fantastic!

3pm today I picked up my new glasses!  They fit great and my vision is better than it was before my old glasses broke!  YAY

On top of that the rest of the day was full of running around like crazy.  Grocery shopping, getting gas, picking up and dropping off kids to different places, making pizza for dinner, and ack…  All in all a great but exhausting day!

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