My Facebook post today: Way too much emotion in 1 day! 😊😂😭😡🤬🤪😲 LOL My son had pre-k graduation and it was emotional.  How did my kids grow up so fast?  It was a blink of an eye and they are about to be 5, 5, 7, 20, and 22!  IContinue Reading

This morning started out with one simple plan which was to get my glasses fixed or a new pair.  I didn’t really care but I have no money available so whichever I could get done with the smallest amount of funds needed would be my plan of action.  I calledContinue Reading

Yesterday I was so excited having been told by the sales lady at Vision Kia in East Rochester, NY that she would be picking me up this morning to get my vehicle.  She said the financing was set and she would pick me up after running out to drop offContinue Reading

Spent a lot of time at the Vision Kia Dealership today and decided on a vehicle.  They said everything will be ready for me to pick it up in the morning!  So…  unless anything goes completely crazy I will pick it up in the morning! WOOHOO They will be puttingContinue Reading

When people are asking me questions about my abusive marriages it is funny because some of the people make faces as if what I have lived with isn’t abusive really.  Here is the thing with abuse:  It can come in many forms and from any relationship.  Examples from my life:Continue Reading