Sticking up for my kid’s mental health

The other day we all went to the ice cream place for family ice cream. It was Leon, the four kids, and Leon’s Aunt and parents. The night was going well until Elyjah (Leon’s son) started behaving in a way that was a bit childish. He was digging in the dirt and acting younger than 13. Leon’s dad raised his voice a bit and told Elyjah to stop. Elyjah responded with disrespect. I interjected and told Elyjah to stop what he was doing and apologize to his grandfather or I would count to 3 and we would leave. Elyjah stopped, said sorry, and then went to play with everyone. About 20 minutes or so later, Elyjah came back to be kid nosey and listen to what the adults were talking about. His grandfather started to tell him how wrong he was for digging earlier. I told him that the situation was over and we wouldn’t discuss it anymore. It is over. He got upset with me and told me No it is not over. I said yes it is we need to let it go.

*** Elyjah struggles emotionally partly because he is constantly yelled at when he is at his moms’ house. He struggles with constantly bringing things up and scolding him for things that have already been handled. I was trying to help him by ending the conversation that was negative and directed at him. ***

Leon’s dad hugged me goodbye and said he would speak to me later and then he hasn’t spoken to me since. I have texted, called, left voicemails, asked family if he is alright… EVERYTHING but he will NOT communicate with me at all.

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