Ummm, yeah really… Some females are the worst

I have spent my life not speaking ill of others publicly but I am using this site to be completely honest. Honest even if it is embarrassing, hurtful, or could cause me emotional distress.

Here she is Chrissy… We actually share the same initials: CP. We share the same first name as well: Christina. It is funny. We are both in our mid 40’s and have the same man in common. Leon White. At some point, I am sure I will give more of the low down about Leon, as he is called often Leo, but for now, let’s just talk about tonight.

They have a son together. We will call him EJ, for child privacy. He is 13 years old right now and of course, if you have any children you know that if they are speaking there is a high probability that they are lying or attempting to manipulate. Either way, he is with us every other weekend and every Thursday night. This weekend was a great weekend. He came with about 4 hours worth of homework and was upset because his Mom said he could stay home but then told Leo he had to make the choice. He adjusted really well as usual. Got all of his homework done, played on his tech, and played with the other 3 kids. It was a nice weekend. Then tonight we take him home. He is doing well. Dances to the door and goes in while waving goodbye.

We are about 7 minutes down the road and get a phone call from him and he is hyperventilating. He is screaming and so upset it is distressing. When he calms down a little this is the just of what he is saying:

He walked in the door and as he went into his room his brother, 18-year-old – RP (Who typically physically beats on EJ and verbally antagonizes him), walked into his room and disconnected all of his tech, and took them out of his room. His brother took the Xbox, Alexa, Roku, and other things. When EJ argued why are you taking my stuff RP replied that Mom told him to take it because he didn’t do his laundry this weekend and was behind in homework. EJ was so upset and continued to scream the story and that how could he be in trouble when his homework is complete and he wasn’t home to do any laundry! EJ tried to call his Mom a few dozen times and she ignored his calls and texts.

After four years of being part of this situation, I can tell you equivalently that Chrissy DID do things to hurt EJ and cause harm to his relationship with his Dad as well!

Then Leo texted Chrissy and she ignored him.

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