Challenge #4 – Out with the negative people records

Well so far so good on this challenge…  I have had Joe blocked since yesterday midday.  I haven’t checked the blocked folder on my phone to read the messages.  I haven’t unblocked him because I was lonely and wanted someone to talk to.

I have also blocked Anthony and Brian on my phone.  While I will be unblocking Brian sometime this week to return his drill I will be unfriending him on facebook today.  It feels good to not be worried about any of these people though!  So, full day #2 tomorrow.  I got this!

Today is Thursday the 14th of June and so far I am not doing too bad.  I saw Anthony called but it was blocked so although I felt bad and tempted to call him I did not.  I didn’t text or call.  I left it alone.  Joe has also been texting me like crazy but I haven’t been responding.  Brian has now been completely blocked and he is not bothering me so I am okay with that as well.

Today is Friday the 15th and I have managed to hold it together and not read any blocked messages.  I have also kept myself from contacting anyone on my list.  I have everyone unfriended, blocked, and I am sticking to it.  I can do this eventhough it is emotionally difficult at times.  I find myself struggling with some things going on in my life and they make me run towards the negative people in my life.  It is as if I deserve to be shit on when I am struggling.  Like a mechanism that was ingrained in my mind growing up because of all of the abuse.  I will keep working towards a better, healthier, happier me!

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