Working on my physical self is not enough.  In order for me to be really truly healthy I need to also work on my mental emotional health.  I need to work on a lot of hidden boxes that have been inside myself for 40 years.

The hidden scars I have in my mind are even scary to myself.

To work on this I need to own, admit, discuss, and move past some of the hardest things in my life.  I also have to be honest about my own actions, things other have done and are still doing, and make progress getting my stuff together.

Some of my main goals to work on:

My PTSD triggers – these include phone interaction (of any kind), my terror involving any type of conflict or negative emotion from myself or others.

My anxiety – anxiety when it comes to leaving the house at times, anxiety about big groups of people, anxiety about strangers.

Building a plan for my therapy sessions.  Even if that means I go a few times a week.