Just purchased the new Samsung Galaxy 23 Ultra

Purchased my new phone last week and have just had enough time to test things out and evaluate all that you want to know about the Samsung Galaxy 23 Ultra!

I have purchased almost every version of the Samsung Galaxy phone since the first note was released. My experience with these Galaxy phones is extensive but I am also a train, brilliant tech.

All I purchased is listed below but let me fill you in a little bit about all of it:

Samsung Galaxy 23 Ultra: I was excited to receive this new phone and ran the setup/transfer as fast as I could. I found that the setup and transfer was easier and faster than ever before. It was super. The screen on this phone is superb. The processing speed in comparison to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is negligible, to me! This phone is lacking any storage upgrade possibility. Phones before allowed sd cards to give more storage space this phone will allow you to purchase in these storage sizes: 256 gigs, 512 gigs, or 1 TB. After moving ALL of my 400 gigs of data, apps, photos, and miscellaneous stuff this new phone is only using around 200 gigs. I am unsure how the data took up more space on the 20 than on the 23 but I am happy about it. The screen on this phone is gorgeous, and bright, and gives you multiple different size options for everything. This phone has some unique software differences. The pen that it comes with standard is tough to get out and feels different than all of the previous pens.

I purchased the Milomdoi Screen Protector: I have already done an Amazon rating on this screen protector. It is aaaamazing! The company that sells it made me anxious because they sent out an email with the subject of an error. This email was actually to inform me that I needed to watch the installation video before and during the installation process. I installed the screen protector and was just thrilled at how well the fingerprint reader works. I have mentioned it to everyone numerous times a day because I have never experienced such flawless fingerprint reading capabilities. This screen protector does have a downside because it feels a bit flimsy when installing it and cracked after 3 days. Other than the flimsy feel during installation and the belief that it caused my screen to be easily cracked this is the best screen protector.

This next thing was all about fun looks for my new phone: Rear Lens Protectors (Colorful): So these are NOT really about protection as much as they are about a great colorful addition to the cameras on the rear of the phone. They took seconds to install and look phenomenal!

The cases purchased below are beautiful and feel great. They aren’t anything uniquely spectacular.


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