Challenge updates full…

Oh boy some of this has been a lot harder so I am thinking I should edit some of the challenges to allow me more success and room for moving up.

So, I will be updating this challenge within the next day to start over more reasonable goal to start with and be successful!

The 100 days of no sex is going a little iffy.  All my friends make sex jokes which makes it very difficult so I think I am going to change the challenge a bit to allow for some joking but that is it!  With that in mind I am doing well so far.  Feel like I need physical contact but this will be good and healthy for me!  Sex is not the basis for all relationships with the opposite sex.

The 1000 only word challenge is very difficult for me as well.  I have gotten stuck on the phone a ton already this week as well as texted, emailed, and had surprise guests…  It has put me already over 600 words and we are only on Tuesday!  My thought is I will try a 2 day challenge with a smaller word count and the same premise.

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