Today was Father’s Day

It was a nice day.  We went to Red Robin with Leo and his family.  Jordan got injured when she slipped because the floors were extremely slippery and she bonked her chin on the table. 

Tonight Leo called to talk before he went to bed and after saying “There is never a full moment with you.”  I felt very much like he was implying I had a lot of drama in my life.  He said something about me and drama a few weeks ago.  I got a bit flustered because I felt like that comment was saying that I am drama.  He then got upset and said to me don’t take it like that. 

Then he said if anything happens again with creepy stalker to let him know.  I said I wouldn’t because I don’t want to add drama.  To which he got upset and then I said you should just get off the phone and go to bed.  He then told me yep he is and good night.  I said yeah and hung up. 

I am frustrated as fuck that we seem to have a communication breakdown in a lot of key areas and it makes me want to rip my hair out.  I am not sure we can get past this communication breakdown because we are way to much alike. 

I have no clue how to even attempt to move past it because he is so broken from his past and I am healing from mine and with all of that we are soo much alike in a lot of other things so ehhhhh

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