Several weeks of a non working cell phone

After 2 weeks and 3 days of crazy tech support, lots of phone calls, and misery because switching to the new cell phone service provider (Spectrum) is finally over because I fixed everything. 

I went into the developer settings and changed them allowing me to change how the phone would work.  Then I downloaded Odin a program that is used to send OS data to a cell phone.  Then I downloaded and installed the software to allow my computer to connect to my Note 9.  Then after all of that was installed I purchased a membership to a Samsung software website because this was the only place I could find the Android OS updates that I needed for my phone.  I downloaded the update!

After everything on my computer was prepped I pressed to reboot my phone, everything was already backed up, and when it was starting to boot I held the 3 buttons opening the screen to install a new OS.

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