Halo Top – Candy Bar ice cream

Many friends on Facebook have been talking about this ice cream so I thought I should try it and discuss my thoughts. I have tried many different types of ice cream, including regularly making ice cream at home.

This was interesting. There are many flavors and the price point was competitive. I was surprised when I opened it because the container felt only half full so finding it completely full was great!

This pint is ONLY 360 calories in total. Meaning if you sit down and ate every drop of ice cream in one sitting you would only be consuming 360 calories. It is: vegan, dairy-free, and soy free.

Question is how would the taste and texture compare…

I have texture sensitivity so I don’t eat several foods because the texture bothers me. Example is watermelon. I cannot eat it because of the texture.

Now to dig in…

The texture was different from a regular ice cream which I expected because it looked like a shaved ice as I was putting my spoon in. My first spoon full had decent flavor and the texture was not overwhelmingly bad for a texture sensitive person. As I continued to eat this I found a good amount of the “treat” pieces in it which was satisfying and I became more comfortable with the texture and lighter flavors.

In all I am looking forward to trying another flavor and reviewing this brand more!

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