Me in some of my drawings

My brains compartmentalization and how it is represented in drawing format.

This is on a small scale.  Some are completely empty waiting to be filled with situations I do not want to ever look at, think about, or see.  Others are already filled and teetering on the top or bottom in my brain.

My prioritization pyramid:

What my anger looks like in a 10 minute period:

Everything alright.

Someone does something wrong to me that ABSOLUTELY has nothing to do with me or my actions.

I get angry, curse, yell, threaten, go bonkers with negative anger behavior verbally.

Several minutes of my anger pass and then poof…  Anger is gone and nothing has been wrong.  How many I help you with whatever you need?  Is there anything I can do for you?

My anger has now been processed in the form of verbal aggression and then is compartmentalized and will hide in my brain for years to come in a nice box with perfect looks.

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