Working every day to try and kill off the wife switch

I have been a wife and mother most of my life. I have never had a time when I wasn’t raising kids or taking care of a full household like a wife. This is the first time I am really NOT a wife and it feels virtually impossible to turn that wife switch off. I keep trying and although Leo makes it really easy to temporarily stop that wife mode it just keeps kicking back on.

Where is the problem?

The Wife Switch
The wife switch that starts when you are born and the main is turned on. Then you have single mode, mom mode, and wife mode.

The problem is that Leo doesn’t appreciate or want a girl stuck in wife mode. (Wife switch stuck on) He wants something else and I communicated with him today that I will not ever be something else. My base, my core… they are the mom and wife mode! I just don’t know how to be anything else and I don’t think I ever want to be anything else at my core. I have finally come to a point in my life where I am enjoying who I am, loving my growth, having a blast exploring life as the improving/growing me!

Do I end things with Leo because I love myself and he is clearly not prepared to love the me that I am? I hate dating! Dating sucks and I honestly believe that someone in this universe would absolutely adore me with my baggage for who I am!

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