Last night we decided to take all of the kids to a drive-in movie at Vintage Drive-in. They were showing Lion King and Aladdin. The night was off to a bit of a rocky start as Leo’s son was not happy about eating the pulled chicken I made for everyone for dinner. Leo nudged him and everyone was happily eating the pulled chicken sandwiches and chips. It was a good night until his son, who was at the time sitting in the front seat of my car using my wifi hotspot, decided to be disrespectful and nasty towards his dad. I then turned off my hotspot and he argued to which I replied I was not turning it back on because of how he was treating his dad.

He was really upset and got pretty snotty with me several times after that. He also tried to insist that I give him back the wifi a little bit later in the evening.

All of the kids were sitting, fidgeting a bit, until Leo’s son decided he didn’t want to sit in his chair he wanted to sit in the front seat. Then he was hanging out of the window watching the movie and the kids started to get up and want to sit in the car as well. It was frustrating me and I ended up having to sit in the front seat unable to watch the movie. The night continued to get worse with his son. Leo was checking something with my car after the battery went dead and Leo asked if I was sure I had the key in the accessory position or on to which his son told me I had it in the wrong position. I said I had it in accessory and his son looked at me as said I really don’t think you did. He is 10 years old and telling me what I did or didn’t do with my car.

All night long Leo was just letting him do everything he wanted and it was negatively impacting my kids and how they behave! He was obsessed with his tablet and hardly watched either movie because he just had to be glued to technology.

Then on the way home he was crying and saying awful things to his dad because Leo wouldn’t give him wifi. I was so frustrated and disgusted over it that I hardly spoke during the 40 minute drive to drop them off.

I don’t think I can allow my kids to be around his son while his son behaves like this. It is not good PLUS at one point in the night he refused to share the chips with my son. He shared it with my daughters but kept telling my son no until my son started to flip out about not being allowed to have any chips.

I just worry about the influence he will have on my kids… I am unclear why Leo doesn’t put his foot down and stick with it!

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