Amazing day! So why cry right?

You woke me up early this morning for some more sexual fun! HOLY HELL I love your body. I love how you feel inside me. I love your lips! I love how our bodies make love, screw, fuck, have mind blowing sex… It is always so exciting, wonderful, explosive, emotional, and relieving!

We all woke up and had a fun morning. Leo ran my son to work and made a stop at Wegmans the local grocery store. While he was at the store shopping the kids and I started folding some laundry and preparing for the long week of sports ahead of us. Leo got back and started cooking bacon and then called me down to start the pancakes. As I was in the kitchen cooking Leo was holding me, touching me, kissing me and it is such a turn on. It absolutely drives me crazy.

Everyone sat down at the table together and ate breakfast. Leo had gotten orange juice and a few other things us all to have for breakfast. It was awesome. After everything was cleaned up and put away Leo helped me get some large pieces of wood out of the living room and too the dumpster. We played with the kids, talked a bit, and then it was time for him to leave. He had his own things he needed to do at his house. I started crying. It was so bad. I felt so bad because I didn’t want him to feel pressured to stay longer but I couldn’t help not wanting him to leave.

Wishing he wouldn’t always be leaving!

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