Started a seminar called: Make him worship you

So what is the scoop on this whole spiel? I am about to tell you and I am NOT paid by them to say anything…

For starters this 265 or so pages is full of a TON of fluff. The first several pages are bull about what we will read in the book. Then more pages about what we will get to in a few chapters. Then another few pages about what he will elaborate on later. I was exhausted by the laters to this point and ready to put this book down and request my money back.

This book was advertised as a Tell all about how to get the man in your life to worship you and more… I have read a lot at this point and have not yet found anything that all of us didn’t already know!

Best statement I have taken from this book thus far:

Don’t run out just yet and spend money on this… I am still pretty sure it is a bunch of money sucking crap. More later as I finish all of this reading!

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