Yesterday I was pretty sick

I slept most of the day feeling pretty exhausted and not quite like myself.  When I finally started to wake up and get moving my hands were completely swollen feeling and hard to use for anything.  My head had a large-sized numb area…  top, rear, and a bit to the right was the largest portion of pins and needle feeling.  Some of it was on the left side but it was more shaped like an egg with the large part on the right and smaller portion on the left.  My left calf, foot/heel, both arms, and hands also had significant pins and needles as well.  My left nostril was bleeding and it was pooling down my face and dripping onto my chest and into my hands. 

I also had a full-blown migraine, nausea, trouble seeing anything, and vertigo that made it hard for me to get up and clean myself of all the blood that was on me. 

This started around 1 pm when I was finally awake and didn’t relieve itself (migraine) until around 10:30 pm which was 4 hours after I took 3 Excedrin.

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