Nightmare from last night

When I awoke this morning I could very clearly remember my dream that turned into a nightmare!  

Leo and I were together and he surprised me with a wedding proposal!  I was overjoyed and beyond in love with him and excited to say yes!

Then all of a sudden it was later in our lives together and a strange guy was in our home making a pass at me trying to convince me that I needed to be with him.  He was wonderful to me and extremely handsome.  I didn’t care I was not really interested in him.  Then all of a sudden his sister and him were in a room having sex and they were both partly robotic.  They both had missing legs and a missing arm.  She was constantly carrying a newborn baby that when I caught them having sex turned into a demon with limbs missing and replaced with robotic limbs as well.  The room was flooded with a horrifying dark liquid that was up past midchest on both of them.  It looked like dead bodies were floating around in the dark liquid and then they started discussing that it was his demon semen. They both then looked up and saw me looking in at them with a disgusted and petrified look so they started pushing through the water towards me.  I started to run in horror and kept running although both of them as they left the room looked like normal human beings again and the baby became a 2 month old looking beautiful baby instead of an elongated demon with missing limbs and robotic replacements.

Then I woke up!

I was scared and feeling really sick!

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