Today was interesting

Today I went on a field trip with Jordan’s class to Mendon Ponds Park.  It was a very nice morning and I enjoyed learning about all of the animals.  

Leo and I spoke on the phone for almost 3 hours straight without interruption this afternoon. 

We discussed a ton of different topics:

  • Date night this week
  • NYC trip dates and options
  • His therapy
  • My therapy
  • Chrissy (his ex)
  • His past relationships and how he was always an afterthought
  • John and how he was abusive towards all of us and loved killing everyone’s joy
  • We also discussed money and spending
  • Savings, and getting out of debt
  • Our future was also discussed and the possibility of living together next year
  • And more and more.

He calls me Dice at work referring to Dice Clay and his crass Italian speech

Then today he broke out a new nickname of shortcake LOL

Ehhhh who knows what will happen in the future! 

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