My surprise last night

Last night Leo showed up and surprised me! We went to CVS to grab a photo surprise that I had ordered for him. It was a beautiful collage of him and Elyjah for him to put in a frame for his nightstand. He seemed like he liked it. Then he came over and helped get the kids to bed and settled for the night. After that, we snuggled in bed and enjoyed the night together! He slept here until around 5 am when he had to get up and go home for work. He was really great and having him around adds such a great joy to my days. Yesterday we also cleaned all the upstairs bathroom really well! Everything except for the tub. Then I cleaned and worked on the laundry, my bedroom, hallway, and the kids room! The walls upstairs were also mopped by me. It really made me feel great! I have now had the 3d printer for a few weeks and still haven’t gotten it working well yet. That is frustrating. I am still trying!

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