A huge learning experience for me

Tonight the kids and I went to meet Leo and his family at Red Robin in Webster.  Jordan was having some behavioral issues and I gave her warning after warning.  Finally, I told her there were no more warnings and if she kept up with her behavior I would be taking her home instead of letting her have dinner with everyone.  

She started having another fit at which point I told Leo I was going to take her and bring her home.  He was so very supportive and helped me get her out of the restaurant by carrying her out while she kicked and screamed.  Then he continued to carry her to the car even though I offered to carry her so he could go back inside and eat with his family.  He was caring, supportive, and offered to keep the twins with him and let them stay for the rest of the dinner family time. 

I never felt so supported even with John while we were still together.  John would have gotten mad at me and not backed me up at all.  Not trying to compare the two men but Leo really honest to goodness made me feel like he completely had my back 110% with whatever I decided to do regarding the kids.  It took away all of my anxiety about leaving everyone before I even really got to say hello.  I was mortified and am unsure I would have ever been able to go to dinner with them again if Leo hadn’t been so supportive about everything with the kids!


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