Finally spoke to my father

Yesterday morning after going to the cemetery I decided to take the plunge and go speak with my father. 

He didn’t seem to like the conversation all that well but I walked out of his office feeling very accomplished!  He did ask me if we could have a relationship.  I responded by telling him that we do not have a healthy relationship and he is not healthy for me to have in my life.  Maybe in the future, it would be possible but until I am emotionally stronger and healthier it was not a good idea for my self-preservation and emotional stability.  


He was sounding very lonely because he has no real family relationship except for with Julia and Robin but he did all of this to himself and it was all his choices and abusive behavior that made him lonely.  He said that it bothered him not having any family anymore.  He has no sibling relationships, no relationships with his kids or grandkids…  He went from a guy who was ALL about family to having NO family that wanted him around!  It is sad and shameful…

Stinks to be him… 

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