I have g/b twins and they are so amazing! My daughter, the twin, was scheduled for surgery today.  She is going to have her tonsils and adenoids removed in 3 weeks.  I am happy yet nervous about it.  I know she has needed it done becasue she sounds like sheContinue Reading

The moment when you find out people are all over watching you for a lying abuser that you are desperately trying to hide from!  If I cannot trust the people around me then who do I trust?  What are my options?  Will I go crazy not being able to shareContinue Reading

So the divorce was rescheduled… I really love our judge because I know he isn’t fooled by how my ex, John, trying to present himself.  With that said I am emotionally exhausted by this process!  Funny note is that a bunch of people keep telling me to just hold outContinue Reading

When people are asking me questions about my abusive marriages it is funny because some of the people make faces as if what I have lived with isn’t abusive really.  Here is the thing with abuse:  It can come in many forms and from any relationship.  Examples from my life:Continue Reading

This was written by me around the year 2001: Sometimes I am hurting because I still can’t understand why exactly you did all of the things that you have done. I know at this point I will never look at you as the man that I thought I once knew.Continue Reading