The frustration of being spied on…

The moment when you find out people are all over watching you for a lying abuser that you are desperately trying to hide from!  If I cannot trust the people around me then who do I trust?  What are my options?  Will I go crazy not being able to share my life with anyone?  It hurts to be betrayed by people close to me!  It scares me that people never see him for who he really is!  This man spent 16 years trying to break me.  My survival is not a reason to believe he is a great guy who has gotten a bum deal.  My survival means I was too strong to be broken by a bully who only wanted to hurt and destroy the people around him and in his path.

Several times he almost got fired for going verbally crazy at the people he worked with 3 years ago.  Yet, when I leave because he is abusive they believed everything he said and I was the “bad guy” really?  How dense are you all?

I just don’t understand it at all…  if anyone does understand I would love some insight!  LOL

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