My youngest daughter needs surgery

I have g/b twins and they are so amazing!

My daughter, the twin, was scheduled for surgery today.  She is going to have her tonsils and adenoids removed in 3 weeks.  I am happy yet nervous about it.  I know she has needed it done becasue she sounds like she is snoring while awake because her throat is closed from the sizes of her tonsils.

Part of respecting my childrens father I decided to email him letting him know in advance when the surgery is.  His email was bounced back to me and so I called him and said Nan is having surgery on this date.  It is for her tonsils and adenoids.  She will be in and out of the surgical unit and then recovery is about 3 weeks.

He replied with very little care and then demanded I give him all of our kids social security numbers.  He explained in an agressive way that he had tried to file his taxes but the social security numbers of our children were kicked back as invalid.  He insisted that I must have changed them.  I explained that I hadn’t changed anything.  He argue that I had changed them and he wanted the new #s so he could file his taxes but not claim the kids.  Knowing he was only concerned wtih money that he wants for himself I reitterated that surgery was on the date in March and for him to have a good day.  I then hung up.

I spent the rest of the day in panic from my interaction with him.

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