So Leo and I have been dating almost 6 months now… We have had a ton of great laughs, great sex, fun family times, and amazingly long depthful talks. It has been a wonderful time BUT in every relationship progress needs to happen, “real” discussions need to occur, bare transparency needs to be part of things.

For the past few weeks I have been trying to peel back some layers and figure have the discussion about where we see our relationship going. I have 3 kids that are investing and loving this guy and his family! It is wrong for me to let this go on if I have a feeling Leo isn’t in this for the long haul.

This morning I emailed in and thought it might be a better way to communicate things because having a verbal conversation with him doesn’t work at all!

This is my final and last attempt to discuss my feelings.  Contract negotiations went exactly how I expected…  You always redirect everything I want to talk to you about. 
You say all these things:  you want to be with me, you want to do all the family stuff with us, you want the same things I want
BUT then…
No honest conversations happen.
Redirection and deflection of topics happen.
For goodness sakes all the lack of real, honest, open communication is why we are having these frustrated talks every week.

And then you are leaving the country to be with some girl and her kids.

It makes me feel very emotionally played with and while I thought I could neglect my feelings longer I cannot.  I love you more every day and I need to stop if I am just a game to you.  If I am a temporary person in your life. 

Us ending is going to hurt everyone in this house more than anyone in your life.  You don’t let us build relationships with your people.  You seem angered by us building relationships with people in your life.  

With all that said…

Shit or get off the pot!

Just be fucking real with me!  Honest with me.  Stop deflecting.  Stop hiding!  You want me then fucking say it, show it, do it, be it!  Get in or get out!  Tell me just fucking tell me the COMPLETE TRUTH!

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