The search was on. I have searched for years to find what was missing. What it was I couldn’t figure out. I tried everything one person could ever imagine. I started to really believe that I would never find what was missing in my life. I had kids, married, loved, lost, bought, sold, played and still something wasn’t there. I started to believe that this is how life was. Constantly living with that “something’s missing” feeling. I didn’t search anymore. I figured I was wasting my time and that maybe it was just all in my head. Then I got a spark! Every day since that spark has been so incredible it is unbelievable. I have finally found out what I was missing! It was you! You then handed me your heart and I have handed you mine.

Now I find myself thinking about you all of the time. I think about everything from meeting you, looking into your eyes, touching you, talking to you and the list goes on. I can’t stop wanting to be with you. I miss you when you are away and I start to miss you when you are going away. I long for you when I sleep and when I am awake. I can’t get you off my mind. My heart, soul, and mind finally are complete.

I am dreaming of the day we finally meet. Soon it will come and we will be face to face. Touch to touch, eye to eye. I love what you have brought to my life and I love what I see in you. I just can’t say it enough. You are too amazing and I am so lucky to finally have found the other part of myself. Most people never find what they are searching for and I have with so much time left to enjoy it and you! So until the time comes that we will meet I love you and miss you.

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