The frustration that comes from being lied too

Yesterday I was so excited having been told by the sales lady at Vision Kia in East Rochester, NY that she would be picking me up this morning to get my vehicle.  She said the financing was set and she would pick me up after running out to drop off a car in Palmyra, NY.  I was so excited.  I put $3,000 down for the vehicle and was thrilled to know that today I would finally, after weeks without a ride, be on the road again!

After being given the run around most of today I was finally told they never got the financing set and the vehicle was purchased out from under me for more money.  The vehicle was listed at $9,000 and then purchases for almost $12,000!

I am heartbroken and furious!  How could they tell me everything was set and ready for the morning only to sell the car and have no financing!  This is really bad practice!


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