From around 2001-2002

Sometimes I am hurting because I still can’t understand why exactly you did all of the things that you have done. I know at this point I will never look at you as the man that I thought I once knew. After all of the stuff and all of the nasty garbage and lies I can’t even trust you with our kids. I once thought that you loved me and even after you did everything I still have a belief that you did at one time love me, us, and our family. Now I can’t see that you ever did. I wonder do you take care of those kids and that women? If so why didn’t you ever take care of us? Was she always the one you loved? Why did you marry me in the first place? I wish that for just once you could be an honest man instead of a childish liar. I am an adult and think that I deserve the truth about all of these things since after all we were married for 5 years. AND I was your wife even if you think that you weren’t ever my husband, well you really weren’t. You had affairs with whomever well so did I that I might have been able to forgive you for that but everything else killed our kids and me. I could never forgive you for all of this when our kids were completely devastated!

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