Welcome to the fun…

As a single mom of 5 kids I have spent most of my life being exactly that… Single and a Mom

My youngest kids were born in 2013 a set of b/g twins and I am finally starting to learn and grow as a completely single mom of 5. Until a few years ago I always had an abuser in my life. Either by marriage or biology.

It took 2 divorces from husbands, a complete divorce from ALL of my biology, and a 20 year stint in therapy which still continues to bring me to a point of regular growth. Belief in myself, belief in others, being able to look at myself and see more than just the abused child/wife of my past.

Now I blog to share all of the gory details of my past, present, and future… I find it therapeutic, silly, exciting, and so much more.

I hope you enjoy joining me in my journey of growth and I hope you laugh as much as I do although at times I sob first!

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