Every time I feel like we are making progress he does something so clearly to make me feel like no progress has been made.

Perfect example: Several nights in a row he has called, and showed up… He even surprised me with dinner the one night. Both nights he fell asleep on me… no sex. Today while on the phone he said I have to go. I will call you back in a minute. It is over 8 hours later and still no call or text or anything. I am figuring I won’t hear from him tonight at all… It hurts and reminds me that him wanting this to be more than just a summer thing is not realistic. I just need to keep reminding myself that he will be gone soon. He is not a long term relationship guy. I really, honest to goodness, believe he is a grass is greener on the other side guy. What feels good in this moment is what he will do and soon enough someone will feel better in the moment and we will be hurt. The kids have really grown to want him around and love him. He does add an amount of stability to our house. He also adds an amount of opposite of myself in the house which is desperately needed.

Why does he keep reverting to that guy who, as I call it, breaks up with me every night by leaving me in digital land and forgetting we exist? It is one of the worst things he could do to a budding relationship!

Base line worst things: lying, cheating, abusing, neglecting…

So the summer of Leo still continues but as you can see it will only be that… “Summer of Leo”

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