This weekend was a learning experience

Leo came over this Friday night and ended up staying over.

Saturday was long but alright.  We all went around the corner to Steve’s for breakfast. 

Leo had a difficult time at breakfast after the covered his food with gravy and he didn’t like it that way.  He got all upset when I tried to ask for the order to be done the right way.  I then snuck behind him and asked to have it redone and she got his order changed out.  He was really upset with me for doing that and breakfast was extremely quiet for a time.   

Then things seemed better and he began to interact with me again.  He apologized and thanked me for being patient and understanding his anxiety about asking for replacement food.

We then left and went to the park with the kids.  He is always very attentive with the kids and so helpful keeping track of them and playing with them on the park.  It was a lot of fun at the Perinton park where we used to feed the ducks. 

We went to Marks Pizzeria and all ate lunch together.  After we were done we went grocery shopping at Wegmans together and he pushed the girls around while I had Johnny walking with me and helping to get everything on the list. 

Once we got home Leo started washing the dishes while I cleaned out the refrigerator and washed it all.  It was nice to have someone to help around the house.  I then cleaned the downstairs bathroom while Leo vacuumed the downstairs, stairs, and upstairs.  I then went upstairs to clean the bathroom and do some laundry.  Leo cleaned the tub for me which was awesome!  It looks great and I finished the laundry and bathroom upstairs. 

I had made and started the crockpot for dinner and we all relaxed in bed while waiting for it to be finished cooking.  Leo took a little nap on my bed and the kids all snuggled on him LOL which was neat to be a part of. 

We all, including Andrew, ate downstairs together for dinner. 

After the kids went to bed Leo and I snuggled up in bed and had some sex stuff.  Anal, then showered, then oral and when he finished we fell asleep.  In the morning he just got up and said he had to go and he basically ran out the door and went to his house. 

After the kids and I played and got stuff done around the house Leo called and we decided to meet up with him and his family to garage sale around Leo’s neighborhood.  It was a fun afternoon with everyone.  Jeremy, Jess, Aria, Leo, and us. 

Leo was frustrating me on the phone initially and acting with some disregard for my voice and feelings.  He was having a hard time with his family and it was making him act like a disrespectful jerk on the phone.  He kept getting what I would call “emotionally bound up” and t in his voice.

Are these red flags?

I am thinking his struggle today on the phone and yesterday at breakfast are red flags! 

I will continue to write down my thoughts about this stuff and monitor if they are things to be concerned about.  I am thinking that I should be worried. 

My birthday is coming up and we are all going to Boldt Castle for the day as a birthday celebration so I am not going to make any decisions until after that but it is good that I am guarding my heart a lot more lately.  We have been “seeing” each other 5 months and officially bf/gf for over a month. 

In the 5 months things went from really amazing to him cheating with Val and her having to tell me about it because he didn’t say anything.  He started acting distant, cold, unhappy, and blowing me off…  then Val contacted me on Facebook and told me he slept with her 2 weeks earlier and that is when Leo had started to change. 

Something keeps taking me to him even with everything that has gone on it keeps taking me back to where he is…

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