Leo frustration

Well, last night he did his typical bullshit lack of communication…

No text, call, or any type of contact after he left work.  I am not supposed to feel ditched, bad, neglected, or angry about this type of shit!!!  Seriously?!?

I am glad that I am owning my feelings about this even if it is only in secret here which helps a tad but not a ton!

If I try to discuss it with him he acts like I am overreacting…

I am not sure because to me if I have a problem it is a problem…  Especially something like this that is NOT a huge thing to ask for. 

If you say you will call me later or text me later why is it soo difficult to expect that to happen?  Are you really so busy or whatever to think about the things that you tell me you will do? 

This is a complete lack of respect for me and my feelings. 

I deserve respect!
R E S P E C T!

Fuck yes I do!

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