It will be a busy night

Tonight I am going to pick up Leo…  he has to drop his car off at the shop to have some work done. 

I picked Leo up at 6:30 pm at Zeibarts in Henrietta and then we proceeded to the Garlic Pit in Webster for dinner.  He ordered the chicken parm and I got the gnocchi.  My food was definitely overcooked which make it a bit gross but whatever.  Then we got the bill for $19 which both of us marveled at because it seemed so inexpensive.  We then rushed to my house so we could meet Lisa who was dropping off a few pieces of Johnny’s new bunk bed that I bought from Jesseelee for $125 off of Facebook. 

This was the first time they met which was really interesting.   I was a bit nervous but everything turned out fine and then I proceeded to drive Leo home. 

When we got to his house we were both pretty cold from the downpour which was really chilly rain.  We went inside and got undressed and then into bed.  I fell asleep and ended up not waking up until the morning when I had to run him to work at around 6:10 am we left on our way to his job. 

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