Frustration is real

Yesterday was a beautiful day with the weather around 80 degrees and sunny. 

Leo came over last night and helped me with the gas for the grill.  He ran out and exchanged it for me and it was $21 but he said not to worry about it.  Then him and the kids visited for a bit while I worked on setting up his watch for him. 

Frustrating things:

For the past week, he has been talking about Chrissy constantly!  Like every conversation we have, he is talking about her for part of it…  UGH!!!

Also, last night he called me and then had to get off the phone because of an Uber job but said he would call me back in a bit.  He NEVER called…

This morning I sent him a text telling him that I am angry about his lack of follow through with things including him telling me he will call me back but 80% of the time he doesn’t ever call me back. 

Then he spent lunch today talking about Chrissy!  I brought him lunch from Panera.

I am really super tired of hearing about her all of the time.  We don’t talk about other things we just talk about her and his feelings about things she is doing and has going on.

I am pretty sure after my birthday it will be over even though I love him it isn’t enough…

I need, want, and deserve so much more and better from anyone I decide to have in my life…

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