What I call the wife switch… This is in theory spot on for some. I am in my 40’s and spent many many years being the “wife” and I think that many people have a mental switch system. At least I know I do and several of my friends do as well…

The wife switch that starts when you are born and the main is turned on.
Then you have single mode, mom mode, and wife mode.
You can have mom mode without wife mode but you cannot have single mode once you become a wife or mom.
And once wife mode is turned on you need a completely new switch programmed to get wife mode off.

As I dive into dating as a single, 40 something, mom I have found it extremely difficult to turn off the features of wife mode. These features include but are not limited to: care taking of your partner, phone call making for your partner, scheduling for your partner, arranging family outings for your partner and his family, setting up different life events and outings for your partner and family, trying to help with your partners financial health, assisting in mediating tumultuous custody issues with your partner’s baby mamma…

Those are just some of the Wife Mode features… be warned once the switched has been turned on it is virtually impossible to turn it back to the off position!

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