My 41st birthday fun

Today was AMAZING!  The day started out slow and we were running late but once we arrived in Alexandria Bay, NY the day got awesome. 

Nino, Renata (his wife), Andrew, Samantha, Leo, Jordan, Hannah, Johnny, and I were all there together!

Leo paid for the boat ride for all of us to get to Heart Island.  The ride was fun and we all took a ton of selfies/photos.  Once we got on the island it was a bunch of fun seeing all of the sites.  We watched a movie all together.  Leo stayed with us and did the tunnels and the back side of the island.  We did a live FB video and things were the best ever.  

There were a few moments that I struggled with because Leo and Sam were making jokes about me that felt negative and triggered memories of past situations with John and Samantha.  It actually made me cry. 

Johnny started to struggle after the long day and so we decided to catch the boat back to the mainland.  We took the double-decker boat back to the mainland.  Once we were on the mainland we chatted and then decided to go down the road and have dinner.  We had pizza and snacks while laughing and having fun!

Sam and Andrew took off on a road trip to find a boat in a bottle available for purchase.  Nino and Renata left for home.  Leo and I took the kids to the wood park.  They played and had a great time while he and I sat and talked for a bit. 

After a while, we started on our way home.  We stopped at McDonald’s for dinner and Leo got all the kids food.  On the drive home, he was great rangling the kids until I needed to stop driving because I was getting dizzy and having a hard time driving.  

Leo took over driving and worked hard on keeping the kids quiet so I could take a nap in the car.  He was fantastic. 

Once we got home I took Leo back to his place to get his car and then I came home thinking I would end up alone in bed for the night.  Leo then surprised me and we made love all night long until we fell asleep. 


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